Saturday, April 27, 2013

Been busy redoing some music for I-pad

When I arranged the music for dulcimer, I made it easy to read and often on two pages. Now that I am putting the music on the i-pad, I don't want to have to turn pages unless it is really necessary. So I've taken some of my favorite songs that I still had the Encore version and making the tab bigger and reducing them to one page.

I have done a couple of new songs. Columbus Dulcimer Club has some nice music and I grabbed onto a couple of those and rearranged them a bit and posted to publicdomaindulcimer.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

"I don't understand why you like playing that when you can turn on the radio and get good music."

"I don't understand why you like playing that when you can turn on the radio and get good music."

Someone once said that to me.

How do you explain hearing to a deaf person?

Making music is more than singing or playing as well as a professional. Homemade music doesn't have to be at a professional level to be enjoyable and wonderful. We've been robbed of homemade music in this society by the music industry along with TV, radio, recordings. Many of us are AFRAID to make music because of people who make statements like the one above.

I love the dulcimer and dulcimer music because it gives music back to the less talented, the people with not enough time to devote to becoming truly proficient at music. We don't have to be good to enjoy making our own music. Simple chords and singing can be absolutely wonderful. There is so much love, expression, happiness, that comes from within when you make music. Picking out a melody, playing a simple instrument, when it is done with feeling is all that is required to make your own symphony of happiness.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Flashing ads on my emails!!@##$%$#!!!!

I hate to have to change my webhost and move my email, but yahoo is getting AWFUL! I have flashing ads when I want to read my mail. This is not my free webservice. This is my PAID webservice.  And there is an ad that pops up in the bottom right hand corner AND there are more ads on the left hand side on the bottom. When yahoo upgraded the website service, they deleted ALL my websites and blog. I had to put them all up again.  I am finding that my websites are being hacked? maybe... because I am finding words on my webpage that are being linked to ads. I have a bunch of yahoo groups and am getting double posts on most of the every day.  Got suggestions for reliable websites and email? 

Unless yahoo gets rid of the flashing ads and reduces the pile of ads... if I opt out, it's done by cookies. If I delete the cookies, I'll get the ads but not all the advertisers have agreed to let me opt out. So can't get rid of the ads. If I click on the "close button" on the ad, it takes you right to the ad's website.


Turns out it was MALWARE!!!! Even the ads at the bottom that said were. I used Malwarebytes anti-malware. There were 6 items it removed and no more problem!!!

I was really upset about it. Glad I finally got hold of someone at yahoo - it takes going through a bunch of help pages until you finally get to where you can call.... But she was very helpful and the problem is gone!!

And the thing is... if those malware folks hadn't gotten so greedy with the quantity of ads, I'd still have ads on my emails and webpages!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Love the I-pad for music! and dropbox, too!

Members of the Columbus Dulcimer Club were using I-pads for music instead of hauling a fat book like I have. And being the computer nerd that I am, I wanted one, too!

So I bought and I-pad first generation from E-Bay. Found one in mint condition.

It came! Now what?

I don't own a Mac. I have a PC. Didn't have wireless. Couldn't get to program I needed onto the I-pad without wireless. Couldn't use Bob Evans wireless, either.

So I visited a friend long enough to use his wireless to download "forScore". Then I could get my pdf dulcimer music onto it through ITunes. But over the years, I didn't save copies of everything that I did on my computer but most I had uploaded to my yahoo group "publicdomaindulcimer". I had started that group a long time ago when there wasn't much dulcimer music on the net. Anyone can join and download any or all the music. I arranged all of it for public domain. So I downloaded all the music and it is not on my I-pad.

I have so much music that I think I am only going to use forScore for the dulcimer music. My guitar, autoharp, hammer dulcimer music will have to go into a different program...

I want to get a new scanner, too. I have an old one that will save to jpg but not pdf. Jim wants an I-pad, too.

Yesterday morning I downloaded Dropbox. I wish I had done that years ago before I lost a hard drive. Seems you never get everything saved...

It is a great online backup that is free until you need more space. And it is easy to use!

Today I called Doug from Columbus Dulcimer Club and he gave me access to the club music in his dropbox and it downloaded directly into forScore on the I-pad. So tomorrow on my lunch break at work, I will go through the club music and add it to a playlist and catagorize the songs.

Clintonville Dulcimer Club - for beginners, 3 meetings now


We're still meeting!

We are a small group and the people are not a set group yet. It may be too much of a beginning group for some people. We are working on the very basic music skills: strumming, tuning, timing, listening, playing with others.

What I envision, is to keep this group going to teach all the basic playing skills.

I attend the Columbus Dulcimer Club which plays in DAD and is a bit advanced, and is too advanced for my Clintonville members to be able to play at their level soon.

I would like to eventually start up another group much the Firelands Dulcimer Club I belonged to that still meets in Norwalk, Ohio. We had limberjacks, guitars, a fiddle, a hammer dulcimer, bodhran, I took a ventriloquist dummy at one point (sold him). We performed for nursing homes, at a couple festivals... all fun. We would let audience members try the limberjacks and play until everyone who wanted, had a turn. We sang. Some members did solos and duets. The Columbus Dulcimer Club might turn into that, but if not, maybe another club. I think Columbus can use more folk music clubs. When I had practiced a tune well enough to perform, I pulled out my tin whistle, bodhran, clapped, sang.... Eventually I practiced enough to be able to play all the songs.

So if you like folk music and the dulcimer, come join us at our beginner's club. And then go with me also to the Columbus Dulcimer Club.

And let's have some fun!