Sunday, January 29, 2017

Got an I-pad pro and wanted another music program

I finally figured out things. I have three I-pads that I use.

Backed up my i-pad and restored to my i-pad pro. All my sheet music (over 1,000 pages in pdf format) in several programs all transferred just fine. My needs are a good listing of the music. Some of them have big icons. Don't like that. I want to see my list of music and as many titles as reasonable on a page. I want to be able to catagorize my music in lots of different ways. A song can be EZpiano, Christmas, and also autoharp.

Went through the music programs available now.

Bach Free - has some free music. Mostly Classical. Deleted.

Baptist Hymnal - only comes free with a few songs. Deleted. I have scanned 5 hymnals. Don't need to pay for one.

CalypsoJam - fakebook player. Looks decent but don't need. Deleted.

DDGigbook has most everything. It is great. I have piano music, hammer dulcimer music, mandolin, guitar, etc. all on it. I use it for church when I play the piano on Sundays and for hammer dulcimer club.

ForScore is great. I keep my lap dulcimer music on it.

Garage Band - fun to play instruments on ipad. Kept for granddaughter to play as game.

Go Play - uses dropbox - has composer, title, style, instrument, set lists. Keeper. Gonna try it for just hammer dulcimer music.

iGigbook - had found a free jazz gigbook that I have on it. Kept.

iSheet Music - no setlists - deleted

Music Notes Sheet Music Player will transpose. Needed to use iTunes to download. Don't like that. Deleted.

Musicroom - I deleted. The index is a bunch of boxes. Not good for lots of music.

Music Scanner is a keeper. I can get my music from Dropbox or Google drive in pdf format. It will scan the music and play it.  Index isn't good to use for playouts. But it is a great tool for playing unfamiliar music.

Newzik was OK. Imported music from Dropbox and Google. Wanted $20 for more than 30 songs. Only had playlists. Deleted it.

On Song - great for lyrics and chords. It will transpose the chords.

PianoFree - kept as game for grandkids or when I'm bored. :)

Piano Genius - no time. Looks like lessons. Deleted.

Power Music - very nice program. Good for a church. I paid $10 for it which allows me 25 pages of my music. Unlimited amount of purchased music. Monthly fee IS NOT WORTH IT. DELETED IT.!!@@##$$&&!!

Sheet Music Direct - not supported any more. Index was too big. Follows the music and plays it.

Sheet Rack Lite - needs to be updated. Don't see any gigsheets. Deleted.

Simply Piano - looks really good for piano lessons. No time. Monthly fee. Deleted.

Song Book - has some music. Can't add more?  Deleted.

Super Score - can't use my music. It plays the music. Don't like the index.

Theo Teris - pages are added lengthwise so music is continuous. Nice idea. Deleted. Don't see how to use it other than the few songs that came with it.

TomPlay - kinda neat. Uses their music. Has accompaniment to what you play. Deleted.

Tonara - magic scores. I have fun watching it follow my playing. The free music that I am capable of playing is just a Joplin rag. But when I have time to play the piano, this is fun.

UnReal Book - uses dropbox. I have hymnals in this. I tore them apart and scanned them. Made indexes. Works fine. Keeper.

V Sheet Music - no setlists - deleted

XmasMusic - has some nice Christmas music that you can listen to. Deleted.